“Instead of trying to motivate [patients] with the 'fear of dying,' Ornish reframes the issue. He inspires a new vision of the 'joy of living' -- convincing them they can feel better, not just live longer.
- Fast Company

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For over 35 years, Dr. Dean Ornish’s series of scientific research studies have been empowering the way millions of people think about the simple lifestyle choices they make each day in dynamic relation to their health & wellbeing. From being a revolutionary thought leader, a powerful professor, a beloved author and respected advisor to some of the worlds most powerful leaders, Dr. Dean Ornish is resoundingly recognized as a leader in health, healthcare and medicine.

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Larry Brilliant, MD, MPH | Former Executive Director, Google Foundation

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Tricia Gibbs | San Francisco Community Free Clinic

Tricia Gibbs

Deepak Chopra | Indian-American physician, holistic health/New Age guru, and alternative medicine practitioner

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I’ve been following Dr. Dean Ornish’s program for more than a decade, and I feel younger now than I did ten years ago. Dr. Ornish’s style of eating and living is always delicious and never boring.”

-Clint Eastwood

One Of The Most interesting People of the Year”

-People Magazine

Dr. Dean Ornish continues to establish himself as a pioneer in the medicine of the future. He breaks well-established myths in the field of biology by showing scientifically that heart disease is reversible, that certain types of cancer are preventable, and that even your genes can be made to change their blueprint for your destiny by lifestyle changes that are fun and enjoyable and energizing.”

-Deepak Chopra

Dr. Dean Ornish knows more about inspiring people to eat well, live well, do well, and be well than anyone on the planet. As Frank Sinatra once told me, “Live each day like it’s your last, and one day you’ll be right.”

-Quincy Jones

Dean’s Work provides unparalleled guidance and ideas from the sage of preventive medicine.”

-Larry Brilliant, M.D.
M.P.H. (Former Executive Director, Google Foundation & Google.org)

My wife and I were inspired by Dean Ornish to adopt a whole food plant based diet over two and a half years ago. We have experienced what we consider to be almost miraculous improvements in every aspect of our lives. Even more amazing are the improvements in awareness and cognition. We wish to thank Dr. Ornish for his pioneering work, for the knowledge that has empowered us and for the exuberant health that has resulted.”

A comment on the TED site featuring one of Dr. Ornish’s TED talks

Dean Ornish has done more than anyone to bring modern science to the nutrition field.”

-J. Craig Venter Ph.D
First Sequencer of the Human Genome

Thank you Dean!! It was perfect. Your words about the choices people have in life affected everyone in the room. You could have heard a pin drop while you were speaking. And your expression of the value of the Free Clinic and the value of giving was spot on. So many people commented on how great it was to hear you speak.”

-Tricia Gibbs
SF Community Free Clinic

Dr. Dean Ornish is one of my best students, and I agree with what he is telling you. I have known him well for many years now. So you should pay good attention to what he tells you.”

-Alexander Leaf, MD
Chairman, Dept. of Medicine (emeritus) Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital

In 1993, Hillary asked Dr. Dean Ornish to consult with us on improving our health and well-being and to train the chefs who cooked for us at The White House, Camp David, and Air Force One. I felt better and lost weight when I followed his recommendations. And as his work shows, my genes may have been improving as well!”

-President Bill Clinton

One of the Fifty Most Influential Members of his Generation”

-Life Magazine

Time and again, Dr. Dean Ornish has scientifically proven that what was once thought to be medically impossible is, in fact, possible. His work is truly revolutionary.”

-Dr. Oz, M.D.
(Professor of Surgery & Director, Cardiovascular Institute Columbia University Medical Center)

One of the Seven Most Powerful Teachers in the World”

-Forbes Magazine